There is endless reasons why businesses should blog and if you Google ‘blogging for businesses’ you will be inundated with topical discussions, web articles and even blogs on it ironically!

I have recently been working with Lockhart Catering and their Trend Set site by creating their blogs and social content which ties in with their over-arching strategy for the year.


I am a foodie, always have been, so when a food/drink client comes along I get very excited and often hungry! But what real benefit is there for businesses in writing blogs or looking to work with someone like me to create that content – well here are the main reasons!

  • Blogging helps drive traffic to your website
  • It helps convert that traffic into leads
  • It helps establish authority
  • Drives long-term results

But as well as getting on board with the benefits you need to make sure that you are doing it correctly – writing engaging content that can be found, shared and actually enjoyed and used.

Blogging should be core to your strategy to aid in the overall SEO of your website. So I suggest businesses write at least one blog per month of around 250-300 words as the bare minimum, however one a week is the ideal.

I advise all clients that the blog is visible on the top navigation bar of their website. If it isn’t easily found it won’t get read! They also need to ensure that all blogs have embedded social media share buttons: Twitter, LinkedIn (share and recommend buttons), Facebook, Google+, next to the posts.

I also work with clients to create key word and key phrase lists (the words or phrase, for each target audience, that you believe they would put into Google when looking for information). This is a deal breaker in terms of aiding SEO! All blogs must also have profile descriptions for these key phrases.

And finally I work with my clients to create blog categories based on target audiences/sectors we want to engage with. This guides the direction or angle we want to take with each blog and helps start the content I go away and create.

Blogging is fun whether it is for personal pleasure or for helping your business. It is a chance to be less formal and be more personable and chatty with your stakeholders – so why not give it a go!