Since opening Hop PR, I wanted part of my ‘ethos’ to be that I worked together with other like-minded talented consultants across the PR, content and marketing landscape. To not only build connections and potentially win clients, but to also make sure I continued to learn and built knowledge.

Senior PR’s often lack learning options

One of my biggest bugbears of working high up in a PR agency environment was the lack of focus on learning and development for you. As a leader of a big team, you are guiding more junior members of staff along their PR journey and it feels like you’re constantly considering and worrying about their progression – but what about your own?! I felt like my knowledge was being left stagnant and this is something I was adamant wasn’t going to happen when I opened my own business.

Within a matter of weeks of opening Hop’s doors, I was already working with a number of consultants and some from very different areas and specialities of PR than my own. I could very quickly see myself picking up new techniques, stronger processes and even simple things like picking up a quicker pace when working.

Nervous to share?

I think some consultants are nervous to share clients, or nervous to welcome another ‘competitor’ into their lives, not me. I can only speak and write the positives of working together with another person. I feel like I have learnt far more than I ever would working solo, and also had a right laugh so far!

So to anyone wondering whether to take that leap and open the door to ‘sharing’ – ┬ádo it, I have never looked back!