At Hop PR we can help you identify your audience, what makes them tick (we have some experience of that), understand where they go looking for information about you and help you tailor your messages to meet those needs.


By creating great content that is endorsed by advocates, shared by your audiences and keeps them coming back to your website for more information, we ensure that when consumers are ready to buy, they come to you first.

Using a mix of PR and storytelling and the endless opportunities available to brands online, we earn you the headlines, social media shares and website hits that your brand deserves.

PR and Storytelling

Still the most influential form of marketing. Column inches on and offline provides you with third party endorsement for your products and services.



It must be interesting, readable, watchable and shareable.

Every time.

Social Media

Getting to grips and delivering your messages in the way the audience wants to consume it via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and more. We can also advise on paid-for social media campaigns.


Top of the sales funnel email marketing that keeps your prospects interested in your products and services until they’re ready to buy.