Meet the Team: Libby | Junior Account Executive

Following on from our recent ‘Meet the Founder’ feature with MD Becks, we caught up with Libby - Hop’s junior account executive - to find out more about what makes her tick and see what’s involved in her typical working day.

In honour of Hop’s recent 8th birthday, Libby dug out a photo of her 8-year-old self to go alongside today’s picture – we think she looks like butter wouldn’t melt!

What do you do at Hop&Co?

“I am a junior account executive. I’m also studying for a PRCA Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship in public relations alongside working full-time here at Hop.”

What’s your favourite part of working here?

“I love how much our team helps each other out and cheers each other on for every achievement, whether big or small.”

What does a working day in your life look like?

“I have to start every day with a brew; it’s my absolute favourite part of the day. I follow that with planning out my day and prioritising my to-do list. Every day is different, so I could be carrying out research, writing press releases and blog posts, issuing content to media, crafting client emailers, or drafting social media content.”

How do you stay motivated?

“Focusing on my ambitions and seeing how far I’ve come keeps me going. If I can feel one step closer to my goals each year, then I’m well on my way to achieving everything I want in life.”

Who in the world inspires you the most?

“My mum is an absolute gem and my biggest inspiration. She’s always worked so hard for our family; she’s really ambitious, and she created me!”

Which social media platform do you like using the most?

“I love Tiktok. I could scroll for hours on end and often do; it’s how I relax after work.”

Describe your job in 3 words...

“Unpredictable. Inspiring. Motivational.”

What’s the best thing about being part of the Hop&Co. team?

“We’re honestly like one big family. We pick each other up at times when it’s needed most, and we love watching each other thrive in our roles.”

Who’s your favourite influencer, and why?

“Currently, I love @gkbarry. She’s got a really dry sense of humour, and her podcast keeps me up to date with all the juicy gossip.”

What is one of your favourite brand campaigns, and why?

“I love the Cadburys’ eyebrow dance’ adverts - I thought that was a really funny and light-hearted campaign.”


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