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Videography and Photography by Hop&Co.

Video and photography content has never been more important. It must be strategically driven, emotionally compelling, platform specific and passionately developed by the creatively driven. Currently team Hop&Co. doesn’t have an expert in-house, so that’s why we have partners we collaborate with. We introduce Ellie and James over at Motion Bloom.

They’re a pretty clever pair, not only able to turn their hand to longer-form cinematic video, but also able to create engaging, social-first video and photo content.

James and Ellie have worked with everyone from household brands to fledging start-ups and have partnered with us on many projects, from national sporting events to British food associations.

With stats like videos on social media generating 1,200% more shares than text and image-based content combined, it really is time to consider video within your marketing strategy.

Videos are of course visually appealing, easy to consume, and can convey complex messages in a way that text and images simply can't. We PR folk have known that for years.

But it's not just about engagement anymore.

Video content can also help to build real trust with your audience. If you want to showcase a more human element of your brand – video is your best friend. It helps people feel more connected. It enables consumers to see a product in action, hear about it from people who have actually used it, and it really can give a viewer the true sense of your brand.

But Motion Bloom doesn’t just do video. They are pretty darn good at taking a picture too. Just look at our team images!

Ellie and James capture bright, authentic photographs and both feel at ease with a camera in their hand and a person or product to capture.

View our SCI-MX morning & evening event reel videos below!


So, if you are ready to rumble and want to add video or photography to your marketing strategy – it’s time to get in touch.


Our clients are kind to us.

“We are very pleased with Hop&Co. They work very well with us here and are very receptive to what we are trying to do.

It's been a brilliant relationship, and one we've had for over four years now.

As well as PR, they have been developing our social media presence and we've witnessed a real change in our engagement and reach.

British Sandwich Week has always been a success when Hop's involved. The results speak for themselves.”

Jim Winship Managing Director - British Sandwich Week

“Team Hop&Co. were extremely quick to understand our pressure points and any concerns we have as a business.

The whole team got their heads around the brand amazingly quickly and was straight off the mark when it came to getting in the mindset of our consumers. They spotted our internal roadblocks yet could see a way through them in an insightful pitch and package.

It was exactly what we needed without even knowing it ourselves. Also, the high level of pace is still intact six months later.”

James Williams General Manager – Health & Wellness at SCI-MX

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