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Unlock your organic opportunity by creating your SEO strategy with us. What does a decent SEO strategy look like? It’s where high-performance SEO services connect your strategy with your business objectives and the opportunities that lie out there in your marketplace. Our SEO experts understand which levers will make that difference to your business, and we have so much proven experience to support our thinking and actions.

The world of SEO can be tricky to get your head around, especially with the ongoing Google Algorithm Updates – but our expert’s fingers are on that pulse, and they’re ready to react. As well as keep pace with those pesky competitors and their activity. We know how to do a great job and can ensure your SEO strategy helps your business grow.

Are you struggling with a drop in website traffic, lower rankings and decreased revenue after recent algorithm updates? Don't worry, we're here to help you bounce back. We're content SEO whizzes, ready to kick-start that optimised content strategy that should be at the heart of any long-term SEO plan. We’re here; you’ve found us!

Before we do anything, we always conduct an in-depth SEO and digital audit, to ensure we understand where you are, then we can chat through where you want to go. That’s the exciting part.

We approach SEO differently. We know that high performance is never down to one single ‘ranking factor’. It’s always tied to several components. We always look to deliver a multi-dimensional strategy that leads to long-lasting, ROI-focused results. Our experts have the know-how and experience to deliver SEO that works – they continue to evolve their thinking as quickly as the algorithms.

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Our clients are kind to us.

“Team Hop&Co. were extremely quick to understand our pressure points and any concerns we have as a business.

The whole team got their heads around the brand amazingly quickly and was straight off the mark when it came to getting in the mindset of our consumers. They spotted our internal roadblocks yet could see a way through them in an insightful pitch and package.

It was exactly what we needed without even knowing it ourselves. Also, the high level of pace is still intact six months later.”

James Williams General Manager – Health & Wellness at SCI-MX

“We are very pleased with Hop&Co. They work very well with us here and are very receptive to what we are trying to do.

It's been a brilliant relationship, and one we've had for over four years now.

As well as PR, they have been developing our social media presence and we've witnessed a real change in our engagement and reach.

British Sandwich Week has always been a success when Hop's involved. The results speak for themselves.”

Jim Winship Managing Director - British Sandwich Week

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