Seven Reasons Why Your Press Release is Getting Ignored

At Hop&Co, we've discovered a few golden rules when it comes to media relations.

The media landscape has changed massively in recent years, with journalists operating under tight deadlines and time being a luxury they can't afford. That's where PR steps in – making a journalist's life easier by keeping things concise, informative, and ready for publication without a barrage of follow-up questions.

To boost your press release's success, you must grasp the ins and outs of the process. Common blunders, like using spam-like subject lines, can tank your email open rates, potentially damaging long-term relationships with media contacts who might mistake you for a dreaded ‘spammer.’

Here are seven reasons your press release might be getting the cold shoulder:

  1. Attachments Are a No-Go: Sending your release as an attachment is a big no-no. Journalists, racing against the clock, often don't have the luxury to open attachments. Paste your copy into the email body for a journalist-friendly approach. If you are worried about formatting, attach for belt and braces.
  2. The Spam Subject Line: Craft a subject line that's direct and snappy. Avoid caps and urgent phrases that scream spam. Stick to the headline for guidance, keeping it simple and under ten words.
  3. Image Woes: Providing the right image with your release increases its chances of being used. Journalists appreciate not having to hunt for visuals. Ensure you've got the right image, and make it readily available for media use.
  4. Not Ready for Prime Time: Journalists are time-strapped; your release should require minimal editing. Present a clear, coherent piece with all relevant information, including images and links. Full names are a must – first names only won't cut it.
  5. Impersonal Emails: Journalists can sniff out mass emails. Personalise your emails, address journalists by their first name, and invest time in one-to-one pitching. Building genuine relationships pays off in lasting coverage and links.
  6. Wrong Contacts: Resist the urge to blast your news release to everyone. Research your targets; don't waste your time and theirs by sending irrelevant information. Build authentic relationships for long-term dividends.
  7. Ignoring the News Agenda: Stay on top of the news agenda. Does your story align with current affairs? Can you give it a seasonal twist? Ensure your pitch is timely and relevant to catch journalists' interest.

Remember, success isn't guaranteed even with a well-crafted and engaging story. It might not get picked up for various reasons. Stay resilient – a fresh angle or a tweaked press release could be the magic touch needed to turn things around.


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